Saturday, April 19, 2014

Getting Back Together After A Break Up

It is a great thing to get back together with your ex after  a break up. But before you decide to reunite with your ex, you have to ask yourself a simple question.

Why did I break up with my lover and why do I want to get back with them?

I called this a simple question but in reality, it is a complicated question. I called it simple because it looks so obvious. It is complicated because it will force you to consider several issues which you have chosen to ignore in your enthusiasm to get back into the relationship.

Reunion of two lovers can take place due to various reasons. The initiative might have been taken by either of them or by a mutual friend. If you broke away from your lover and after sometime you get a feeler from them or from a friend, you may sometimes blindly accept it without thinking. This will happen if you had no anger or hurt feelings towards your ex. Just because, there is no animosity, you may convince yourself that getting back togetherwith your ex is not a bad idea.

But the underlying factors still remain. After all you broke for some reasons. What will happen to those reasons? You can’t wish them away. A break up gives you pain and the pain may last for a while. So, if you receive a proposal for uniting with your ex, you may readily accept it because of an unconscious urge to come out of the pain.

But when you get back with your ex without finding a solution to the problems that caused your relationship to break in the first place, you will face the prospect of the relationship getting into problems again.

So make it a point to satisfy yourself that the reasons that caused your breaking up with your ex have been addressed and that they are not likely to arise again if you are back in the relationship. Getting backtogether with your ex can come only after this.

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